Medical Equipment (including Wheelchairs)



Medical Equipment

Simple equipment or small changes to your home can make the difference between living independently and needing someone to help you or it can make caring for someone easier.

Equipment providers can help with everything from walking aids and grab rails to equipment to help you get dressed.

Some equipment can be loaned by Surrey County Council if you have eligible needs. However you can also get advice on what is available to meet your needs and purchase equipment directly from a range of different companies.

Search Surrey Information Point to find a local equipment provider or complete Surrey County Council's quick and easy-to use online checklist to get an indication of whether you are likely to qualify for social care support. As well as providing you with information on the support you could access locally, the checklist will also tell you if it might be worth spending time to do a full support needs assessment.

You can also get advice on what is available to meet your needs and purchase equipment directly from a range of different companies. The Disabled Living Foundation has introduced AskSARA which is an online self-assessment tool that could be useful to identify equipment which may help you.


Surrey Wheelchair Services Provision – From 1 July 2020

From 30 June 2020, Virgin Healthcare and CSH Surrey will no longer provide the Wheelchair service in Surrey. From 1 July 2020, Millbrook Healthcare will be providing this service.

The CCGs, previous providers and Millbrook Healthcare have worked closely together to ensure a smooth transition to the new provider with minimum disruption to you, the client, to enable it to deliver a service that continues to support the independence of people using wheelchairs from 1 July.

You do not need to do anything to continue accessing the new service moving forward although please note that contact details will change.

From 1 July, Services will be accessible by one single point of access with one telephone number which will be answered by the Millbrook Healthcare Team. Please call 0330 124 8210 or Textphone 07471 038 629. Any queries relating to the new service can also be discussed on these numbers.

To find out more about the change in service provider, please read our  pdf Frequently Asked Questions (135 KB) .


About Millbrook Healthcare



Millbrook Healthcare was established in 1995, after winning their first wheelchair maintenance contract.

They provide much-needed community equipment, wheelchair, assistive technology and home improvement agency services to support people to live independently on behalf of the NHS and local authorities’ social care.

They have around 30 service centres across the UK, covering a population of over 7.6 million service users. On average, they carry out 18,000 wheelchair assessments each year to over 120,000 wheelchair users and carry out repairs to 22,000 wheelchairs. They also deliver over 800,000 items of community equipment each year.


Personal Wheelchair Budgets

Surrey CCGs in conjunction with NHS England have worked with the Wheelchair Services to develop a Personal Wheelchair Budget (PWB) offer to replace the current Voucher Scheme.

From 2 December 2019 individuals have the legal right to ask for a Personal Wheelchair Budget and these are available for wheelchair users meeting the eligibility criteria to provide a greater choice of wheelchairs.

Under the new system individuals will have three options:


  1. Notional Personal Wheelchair Budget (standard NHS provision)

    This means the provision of a wheelchair which will meet an individuals identified needs.

  2. Notional Personal Wheelchair Budget with contribution

    This option allows an individual or another agency (such as a Council or a voluntary or charitable organisation) to contribute their personal budget towards an NHS wheelchair or add additional features.

  3. Third Party Personal Wheelchair Budget

    This allows an individual to use their personal budget as a contribution to buying a wheelchair from an independent retailer outside of the NHS. This is only available if the wheelchair is deemed clinically appropriate following a discussion with a Wheelchair Therapist.


During the assessment a clinician will work with the individual to identify their needs and establish what they want from their wheelchair. If the individual meets the eligibility criteria, they will be offered a personal wheelchair budget that is equivalent to the cost of their prescribed wheelchair. Depending on the type of personal wheelchair budget the individual chooses, they could have the option to top up the budget which may allow them to add an additional feature to their prescribed wheelchair or they could use their wheelchair budget to buy a wheelchair from another approved supplier.

For more information on the scheme please see:



Review Date: 2020-08-06
Review Due: 2021-02-02
Model Publication Scheme Class: Class 9: Services Commissioned