Wheelchair Service Changes

Planned changes to wheelchair, specialist seating and repairs services in the Spelthorne area from 1 July 2022


In July 2020, a new NHS wheelchair service was launched across Surrey and North East Hampshire. This service, which is run by Millbrook Healthcare Group, provides a fully integrated and personalised service to service users. As part of this service, clinical assessments, wheelchair repairs and maintenance, delivery and collection, specialist seating and ongoing support are all provided through one organisation and a single point of access.

With the service now operating across Surrey and North East Hampshire, we are now expanding this service so it also includes Surrey clients who have been under the care of the wheelchair services team at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton (part of St George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust). This also includes clients of the Roehampton Special Seating service.

This change is due to happen from 1 July 2022 and will mean that clients’ care will transfer across to the integrated service, where they would be seen by the Millbrook team in future.

Millbrook Healthcare will be writing to everyone who is transferring over to the Surrey service, with all the information clients would need (including contact details). In the meantime, if clients need to contact the new service from 1 July they can call 0330 124 8210.

More information about this planned change, including how we have engaged with clients, and the latest frequently asked questions see pdf below.





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Staines Health and Wellbeing Centre

Background information

In January 2021, Surrey Heartlands Clinical Commissioning Group was successful in a bid to NHS England to become a pioneer site for primary care redesign of estates and services.

The ambition for this programme is to build community-based facilities, designed in line with sustainability goals, considering not just health and social care needs, but also economic and environmental factors such as green spaces, housing and reducing pollution. In addition, these centres will improve the way primary care estates are managed by the NHS. This means a model that is owned and controlled by the wider health and care system, rather than the onus being on individual GP partners.

The NHS England GP Forward View which was published in April 2016, assessed the future requirements for sustainable primary care (further detail in foot notes).

The chosen location for this redesign is Staines-upon-Thames in North West Surrey to be delivered through the North West Surrey Health and Care Alliance.


Views and feedback welcome around the Oast House development

Spelthorne Borough Council are holding consultation events between Friday 17 June - Sunday 3 July 2022 where you can have your say on proposals to build a mixed-use scheme with a new community health and wellbeing centre providing NHS and voluntary sector services, cultural facilities and 182 affordable homes at the Oast House site, Kingston Road, Staines-upon-Thames, TW18 4LQ.

Consultation events:

  • Friday 17 June, 12pm - 7.30pm and
  • Saturday 18 June, 10am - 5pm
  • at Hope Christian Centre, 36 Kingston Road, Staines-upon-Thames, TW18 4LN

Read and respond to the consultation documents by visiting: www.spelthorne.gov.uk/currentconsultations (available from midday Friday 17 June until midnight Sunday 3 July 2022)

On this page you will find information on:


Securing GP primary care services for the future

One of the main drivers for the development of this centre is a need to secure premises for three existing GP practices, which are housed in Staines Health Centre alongside community services for adults and children provided by CSH Surrey.

  • Knowle Green Medical
  • Staines Health Group
  • Hythe Practice (Branch)

The health centre building is nearing the end of its original service life and is too small for the existing patient lists. In addition, the Spelthorne local plan includes significant new housing development that would increase patient lists by a further 35% within the next decade.


What will the proposed centre do?

The proposed centre would fulfil the following aims:

  • Boost out-of-hospital care, and aid in dissolving the historic divide between primary and community health services
  • Bring together different professionals to coordinate care better
  • Give people more control over their own health and care
  • Encourage more collaboration amongst health and care partners to develop appropriate services for local people
  • Provide an innovative space for current health and care staff to work together to address the wider determinants of health 
  • Attract students and those in training to join the health and care workforce by providing a vibrant, holistic workplace
  • Getting the most out of taxpayers’ investment in the NHS
  • Accelerating estates transformation and making best use of the NHS estate


Engagement with local stakeholders

Between January and March 2021, meetings and conversations took place with over 90 individuals from Spelthorne Borough Council, Surrey County Council, GPs and health partners, local voluntary, community and faith sector organisations and local residents. They were asked to consider the following:


A list of principles emerged from these conversations:

  • Create integrated, joined up, working relationships and culture, going beyond co-location of services and organisations
  • Build a joined up entrepreneurial culture between people
  • New buildings alone don’t transform culture – other things need to happen.
  • Culture and approach, it’s not ‘what’s the matter with people, it’s what matters to them’
  • It’s not ‘top down’ or ‘bottom up’ but an ‘inside out’ approach
  • Find local champions in Staines to make a success of the programme

Since then, a Strategic Case for Change was signed up to by all partners and an Outline Business Case (OBC) has been approved. A Full Business Case is now in development. This process requires seeking and gaining planning permission for the preferred site, wide stakeholder engagement, financial approval etc. In partnership with Spelthorne Borough Council, the Full Business Case will require final approval from the CCG and NHS England.


Why Oast House?

Two sites were shortlisted:

  • site A - the current Staines Health Centre site and
  • site E - the Oast House site.

More detailed analysis took place which led to the Oast House site being selected as the preferred option.

The current Staines Health Centre site was not selected as the preferred site due to:

  • Risk of flooding (zone 3a and 3b) and therefore highly likely that planning permission will not be granted
  • Massing of new building required within residential area
  • Limited access for construction

The area surrounding the Oast House site is undergoing regeneration and there are proposals for a new cultural centre and affordable housing. It is well connected to bus and train services as well as cycle routes.

The design of the proposed health and wellbeing centre will enable co-location of GP surgeries, community therapy services for children, mental health services and antenatal & post-natal care alongside voluntary organisations that offer advice and support on a wide range of issues that can impact upon health and wellbeing e.g. debt advice.

The affordable housing that would be built alongside the health and wellbeing centre, to accommodate the growing population of Staines, will attract a wide range of people with a wide range of needs. There will also be opportunities for local businesses to engage with local people. Having a flexible space that supports health and wellbeing on the same footprint will ensure these needs can be met. How the space that is additional to essential health care services is used will evolve over time.


Where are we now and what is the future plan?

In March 2022 North West Surrey Health and Care Alliance in partnership with Spelthorne Borough Council launched a survey to gather views on health and wellbeing from residents in Spelthorne. The findings of the survey will enable the Alliance and Spelthorne Borough Council to understand what is important to Spelthorne residents which will help in future planning of services.

The NHS England GP Forward View promised more investment in technology and estates and the introduction of new ways of working. This included using more pharmacists, paramedics and physician associates to support the work of GPs and help patients to access healthcare in a more effective manner.

Update following Spelthorne Borough Council on Thursday 28th April 2022

Jack Wagstaff, Chief Officer from North West Surrey Health and Care Alliance and Dr Mohsin Salahuddin, GP Partner from The Hythe Medical Centre in Staines both spoke at the public meeting of Spelthorne Borough Council on Thursday 28th April to discuss the plans for the proposed new Staines Health and Wellbeing Centre.

It was a positive meeting and well done to everyone involved. Mr Wagstaff and Dr Salahuddin answered questions from Councillors and there was an in-depth discussion resulting in members approving the proposed community health and well-being centre and the residential housing at the Oast House site. 

There will be further steps in the process and later this year, we will attend the Planning Committee meeting.

People will have the opportunity to have input soon. If you would like to watch the discussion, this item from 7.50pm - 9.40pm (or about 50 minutes in to the stream for 1hr.50mins on our YouTube channel).

Please find the link to the agenda for the meeting (item 11).


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Staines?

Staines-upon-Thames, also known as Staines, is a town in the borough of Spelthorne situated on the left bank of the Thames with a population of 99,844. Spelthorne is the most deprived borough in Surrey and people living there have reported feeling it has been left behind.

The regeneration of Staines town centre is a key priority for the local authority. The planned new housing in the local area will further increase demand for GP and community space by a forecast 10,000 extra patients.  The current GP and community premises are in a poor condition, too small and not able to accommodate any expansion.

It was therefore clear that the Alliance would put forward Staines as a priority area when the bid to become a pioneer site was submitted to NHS England.

As with many other parts of Surrey, people living in Staines are generally healthier than those living in other parts of the country but there are disparities. Key indicators of health and wellbeing are worse in Spelthorne compared to elsewhere in Surrey:

  • 18.6% of the Staines population smoke versus 12.2% in Elmbridge.
  • The number of adults averaging 50-plus minutes of exercise per week is 54% in Spelthorne, the lowest of all boroughs and districts in Surrey. The average for Surrey is 62%.
  • 38% of people in Spelthorne report walking 10 minutes per day on five days per week, which is significantly lower than England (50.6%) and Surrey as a whole (49%).
  • 50% adults in Spelthorne report eating the recommended five portions per day of fruit and vegetables compared to the Surrey average of 57%.
  • The percentage of adults classified as having excess weight in North West Surrey is highest in Spelthorne at 63%.
  • Four Food Banks are available through local need.


What is North West Surrey Health and Care Alliance?

There are four place-based partnerships, known as Alliances, in Surrey Heartlands:

  • East Surrey Place-based Partnership (PBP)
  • North West Surrey PBP
  • Guildford and Waverley PBP
  • Surrey Downs PBP

These Alliances or partnerships, which generally cover populations of between 250,000 and 300,000, bring together local NHS organisations, local authorities and voluntary, community and faith sector organisations to pool their collective resources and expertise to address the wider determinants of health for the ultimate benefit of local people.

North West Surrey Health and Care Alliance covers the boroughs of Runnymede, Spelthorne, Woking and parts of Elmbridge.


What type of NHS / community services will be working out of the centre?

In addition to the three GP Practices there will be a range of services such as:

  • Three Primary Care Networks
  • Childrens services
  • Adults services
  • Ultrasound, Paediatric Outreach, Maternity Hub (anti & post natal, feeding support etc), MDT/GP Hub Clinics
  • Mental Health Support/Safe haven (adults)
  • Community Dentistry
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Other Wellbeing Services – Active Surrey, Community Kitchen, Centre Café, Voluntary Support North Surrey, North Surrey Domestic Abuse Service

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Health and Primary Care in Guildford


Shaping the Future of Primary Care in Guildford

On this page:


Background and Challenges

Primary care in Guildford has seen a significant rise in the pressures it faces over the past few years. GP practices locally, particularly Guildowns Group Practice and Woodbridge Hill Surgery, have seen an increase in the following challenges:

  • growth in the number of registered patients
  • insufficient space to develop services
  • inability to develop health and care options for patients
  • lack of capacity to develop new workforce models with primary care.

These combined challenges mean that we need to address the pressing requirement for primary care expansion at a local level.

In 2019 we began a programme of work to review and assess how we addressed these challenges for some of our primary care sites. A feasibility study identified a preferred way forward, which was to progress a scheme for two new build developments at Park Barn and the Jarvis Centre. However, further work was needed on all four feasible options before a final decision could be made. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the programme was paused in March 2020.

We are now working with health, care and local authority partners to be able to recommence this work and looking to have an outline business case by April 2022.


Aims of the programme

Our aspirations for the future delivery of primary care services at a local level are:

  • to work at greater scale to improve access and quality of services for patients
  • to provide premises that are fit for purpose and facilitate team working
  • to use technology to improve quality.


pdf Shaping the Future of Primary Care in Guildford - Frequently Asked Questions (135 KB)


Previous Options considered in 2019

Before pausing the programme in 2020, NHS Guildford and Waverley CCG had been working with colleagues in two GP practices (Guildowns Group Practice and Woodbridge Hill Surgery) to develop options for the future provision of primary care services in Guildford.

In recommencing the programme, it allows us to revisit and review some elements. 

Options were shortlisted in 2019 as follows:

  • Option A
    Retain all five current GP practice sites for Guildowns and Woodbridge Hill Practices.
    Maximise the available space at Wodeland Avenue Surgery.
  • Option B
    Co-location of both practices on a single site near RSCH or Park Barn, with the exact location to be determined at a later stage.
  • Option C
    Co-location of both practices on a single site at the Jarvis Centre or nearby suitable location.
  • Option D
    Co-location of both practices on two sites in west and north Guildford, on sites to be determined but which could include RSCH or Park Barn, and the Jarvis Centre or another suitable location nearby.
  • Option E
    As option D, but additionally explore the potential to retain the Wodeland Avenue Surgery, with modernisation and/or extension of the building, and the potential for new ownership models.



Engaging and listening to local residents

We value the views of patients and the public on all our plans, including primary care.

From July to September 2019, we carried out a programme of engagement focused around the following themes:

  • What GP services do the public value the most?
  • What is important in terms of where a GP Practice is located?
  • What should be considered when planning GP services for the future?

A number of engagement mechanisms were used including an online and postal survey, face to face workshops, digital engagement via our social media channels, feedback through our postcards and a number of exhibitions throughout Guildford. Two SMS text messages were sent to all registered patients by both practices to publicise this engagement opportunity. Thanks to all those who got involved and shared their views. The analysis of this feedback is available in the engagement report.

pdf Development of Primary Care Premises in Guildford Engagement Report (770 KB)

In October 2019 we held a key stakeholder forum to talk about the exploratory work that had been carried out since July 2019. The information from this forum is available in the presentation slides.

pdf Health and Care in Guildford: Shaping the Future of Primary Care (1.47 MB)

We will continue to communicate with and engage local residents and patients as the plans progress.


Stakeholder Reference Group

The Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) has reconvened following the pause in the programme. The group meets monthly and provides support in shaping the engagement and communication plan for this programme.

The membership reflects our communities and consists of representatives from local neighbourhood groups, councillors, patient participation groups and other members of the public.

Minutes from these meetings are published below:

Findings from early engagement

A feasibility study looked at the future needs of the population served by these two practices, including particular health and wellbeing challenges and the significant growth expected in the number of people living in the local area. We also looked at new ways of working to ensure we are planning for the future and able to take advantage of improvements in technology, along with planning for other types of professionals to support the practices and make us less reliant on a scarce and ageing workforce.

The future requirements for space were generated through a demand and capacity model. Architects and cost consultants were then engaged to examine the sites and options for new premises, and the likely costs.

Between July and September 2019 the CCG carried out some initial engagement with patients registered at Guildowns Group Practice and Woodbridge Hill Surgery who were invited to share their views on the future of GP services in the local area, in particular on the potential sites for the development of future premises.


What did patients tell us was important to them in our initial engagement?

  • Access to their practice – in particular the availability of public transport to get to their GP practice.
  • Parking – the need for sufficient parking, including disabled parking.
  • Services in the practice – the need for additional time for more detailed discussions about their health.
  • Access to other professionals – such as physiotherapists or a mental health practitioner.
  • Access to appointments – currently there can be a delay of up to three weeks to see a GP for a non-urgent appointment.
    Ensuring emergency appointments are available.
  • Technology – a balance between traditional methods and the use of new technology for example continuing with face to face and telephone appointments but also offering online appointments.


What did patients think about the options?

People generally welcomed the opportunity to improve primary care premises locally, but had some concerns about some of the options.

People said that reconfiguration of the sites from five sites to one wouldn’t be right for the local area and would not provide the local access to primary care that people need and value.

There is concern about the potential loss of the Wodeland Avenue Surgery and how this area would be served if this happened.

Some people asked about the time it would take for these proposals to come to fruition and whether sites would still be available when the business case development had been completed.

There was feedback about other potential sites and ensuring that all appropriate sites have been considered.

Progress so far

The five options highlighted have been considered as part of a wider feasibility study looking at potential sites for new premises and the likely costs. Each option has differing impacts on the community, workforce, the CCG and the delivery of care. These are proposals at this stage and no final decisions have been made.


Feasibility Study 2019

The feasibility study focused on options for Guildowns Group Practice (which currently operates from four sites at Wodeland Avenue, The Oaks Surgery, University Medical Centre and Stoughton Road Surgery) and Woodbridge Hill Surgery.

pdf North and West Guildford Primary Care Site Feasibility Study (7.18 MB)


A number of factors are increasingly affecting the ability of GP practices in Guildford to meet the needs of their patients:

  • Population growth in Guildford.
  • Guildford Borough Council has been developing its own Local Plan, which indicates significant numbers of new homes are likely to be built in the catchment area of these two practices over the next 10-15 years.
  • More people are living longer often with multiple long-term health conditions that require monitoring and treatment.
  • The buildings that some of our GP practices operate from do not have enough space to provide the range of additional services required for future, modern primary care.
  • Some parts of the existing buildings are not accessible for all patients.
  • Limited capacity to develop the growing primary care workforce.

These combined challenges mean that we need to address the pressing requirement for primary care expansion at a local level. If we do not deal with these issues, the future sustainability of these practices will be at risk.



The study concluded that four of the five options were feasible, but that no change was not a feasible option. The feasible options were:

  1. One site at Park Barn
  2. One site at the Jarvis Centre
  3. Two sites, at Park Barn and the Jarvis Centre
  4. Three sites, at Park Barn, the Jarvis Centre and retaining the existing Wodeland Avenue Surgery


What Next?

A feasibility study identified a potential way forward  and we are currently reviewing the sites identified from the feasibility study, assessing whether these are still available and whether any additional site locations have occurred while the programme was paused.

The next stage is called the Outline Business Case and this will include further modelling of demand and capacity, closer examination of the potential sites, a full financial appraisal, and public consultation if any significant changes are proposed.

The next stage will also look at other services that might be co-located in any new buildings, including adult community services, children’s services and mental health services.

We have now established a robust governance process to support the recommencement of the programme.

We will continue to keep stakeholders and the public informed as the project develops.

In summary, the work carried out so far has been to inform the options for the CCG, together with Guildowns Group Practice and Woodbridge Hill Surgery, to develop primary care premises that are fit for the future.

We welcome all the input and views that have been expressed.

This was the first stage of the work. The options are not proposals at this stage and no final decisions have been made.


Data packs

To assist in understanding public need in terms of health and care services we have sourced data packs. These data packs include information on demographics, ethnicity and deprivation, the wider determinants of health in North/West Guildford.


Programme timeline

The five options, the feasibility study and the engagement report were considered by the Primary Care Commissioning Committee (PCCC) in November 2019. The committee agreed that the programme could move to the next stage, which is to examine all the options in more detail through an Outline Business Case and to work out how any new premises will be funded and delivered. If any significant changes are proposed as part of the next phase of this work, there will be a public consultation before the proposals are finalised.




Information capture and site analysis

March to April 2019

Stakeholder and patient engagement (feasibility study)

May to September 2019

Feasibility Study completed

November 2019

CCG recommendation to proceed to next stage

November 2019

Funding and option appraisal

October to December 2019

Programme paused due to Covid-19 pandemic

March 2020

Programme recommenced

September 2021

Outline business case

April 2022

Full business case

November 2022

Construction/ fit

January 2023

Opens to public

Early 2024


Contact us

If you would like to be kept informed about this work or if you have any questions please contact us via:

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Telephone: 0300 561 1555
  • Text: 07917 087 560



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Fort House Surgery

Fort House Surgery

Fort House Surgery is moving to Walton Community Hospital, Rodney Road, Walton on Thames KT12 3LDas of 28th February 2022.

If you have any queries, you can contact us using the details below.

All enquiries should be submitted through the Fort House Surgery website.

The practice can also be contacted by:
telephone: 01932 253 055
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A series of frequently asked questions has been produced, aiming to answer potential questions regarding the move to the new premises.

New patient registration

Fort House will reopen their patient list from Wednesday 2nd February and will accept patients every subsequent Wednesday.

The New Patient Registration request form will be available from 9:30am

This form has been updated to allow a patient to attach their ID documentation

Any patient that does not have access to the internet or is unable to complete the on line form for any reason, will be able to ring our reception team on 01932 253055 who will process the request (as long as the form is active on the system).

Anyone wishing to register with Fort House Surgery must live within the practice catchment area.

For more information about registration visit the Fort House Surgery website.

Archived information 

For archived information for the Fort House Surgery relocation, see this section of our website.


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Annual General Meeting


The Member Council will hold one meeting a year in public for the purpose of presenting the Annual Report and Annual Accounts to members of the public. This meeting is called an Annual General Meeting (AGM). 

The AGM also gives us an opportunity to provide an update on how we have been working to improve care for local people in the Surrey Heartlands area and through the Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership. We also share our plans for the future.


2021 Annual General Meeting

We held our virtual AGM on Wednesday 29 September 2021. At the meeting, we gave a brief overview of our achievements and the challenges we faced during 2020-2021, as well as our priorities and plans for the future.  We also answered your questions and heard feedback from each of our four Place-based leaders about the work we are doing to improve the quality and the health of our population across Surrey Heartlands.



2020 Annual General Meeting

Presentations (all links open a new window in YouTube)


If you would like details of previous AGMs from the ‘legacy’ CCGs (East Surrey; Guildford and Waverley; North West Surrey; and Surrey Downs CCGs), please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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