Online GP Consultations


Since March 2020, the NHS has been forced to rapidly adapt to the significant service pressures caused by Covid-19. A key element of the urgent pandemic response has been the accelerated implementation of digital health technology across the NHS, which has helped facilitate a significant step change in the way that health services are delivered in the UK. This has been particularly apparent in general practice through what we call the digital ‘front door’, accessed via the new Footfall online platform (website) for GP practices and online GP consultations. 

Because of the accelerated implementation of these new digital platforms and access (due to Covid-19) patients were not as involved in the programme design and roll-out as we would have liked.  In December 2020 we undertook a research programme to collect feedback and satisfaction levels with the new service and to identify any next steps and actions as a result.

The initial research report can be accessed below


Further to feedback that suggested a significant proportion of patients were finding the Footfall platform/websites difficult to navigate we subsequently carried out a website scenario testing programme; you can see the results below


We continue to work with patients on improving the Footfall platform/websites and will shortly be conducting some wider research/engagement on access to primary care more generally.



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