How we Engage - Methodologies and Principles


The CCG works in accordance with NHS England guidance (link provided below) that supports staff to involve patients and the public in their work in a meaningful way to improve services, including giving clear advice on the legal duty to involve. 


Patient and public participation in commissioning health and care: Statutory guidance for clinical commissioning groups and NHS England.

There are ten key actions for CCGs on how to embed involvement in their work, which are listed below for ease and expanded upon in the guidance:

  1. Involve the public in governance
  2. Explain public involvement in commissioning plans/business plans
  3. Demonstrate public involvement in annual reports
  4. Promote and publicise public involvement
  5. Assess, plan and take action to involve
  6. Feed back and evaluate
  7. Implement assurance and improvement systems
  8. Advance equality and reduce health inequalities
  9. Provider support for effective involvement
  10. Hold providers to account.


As we embed as a single CCG across Surrey Heartlands, a plan of action will be developed with stakeholders and implemented to ensure consistent progress on all ten key actions over the coming years.

You can find out more about how the CCG engages and involves its citizens and patients in particular programmes via the Get Involved section of this website.


Patient and Citizen Assurance Framework

In October 2020 the CCG’s Governing Body noted a framework, developed in conjunction with the Lay Member for Patient and Public Engagement, that aims to guide the development of participation practices across the ICS. 

pdf Patient Citizen Assurance Framework - NHS Surrey Heartlands CCG (116 KB)


Social Research and Public Engagement in service change programmes

Health and care service redesign programmes, whatever their scale, should incorporate a range of core functions/activities to ensure safe, robust and cost-effective delivery of improved, high quality care. These include:

  • clinical leadership
  • financial impact assessments
  • workforce development
  • quality and equality impact assessments
  • information governance
  • communications
  • public and professional involvement and engagement.


pdf Participation Toolkit (1.63 MB)

This toolkit has been designed for This toolkit has been designed for teams/programme managers across the CCG and wider Surrey Heartlands system to help them consider the value of social research and public engagement so that their programme planning incorporates this function as effectively as possible. It provides information and tools that you can use to check your activity, address any gaps and adapt to your own programme’s needs.

It is also aimed at anyone trying to better understand why effective research and engagement are fundamental to the successful delivery of service improvements.

Not all steps in the toolkit will be relevant to every programme. If in doubt or you just want to talk through options, please Contact Us.


Citizen’s Panels

NHS Surrey Heartlands CCG is part of the wider Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership. This partnership brings local health and care organisations together with councils and voluntary and community groups in order to give staff, patients, their carers, families and members of the public a say in transforming local services whilst supporting everyone to live healthier lives.

This partnership has led to the creation of the Citizen’s Panels, a sample of people who live in Surrey and are able to participate in regular research projects. There are two panels which help inform the health and care services across our area:

  1. A panel that covers the population of the Surrey Heartlands area and is for use by the Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership.
  2. Another panel which covers the whole county and is for the use of the County Council.

Both panels are statistically representative of ‘invited’ residents and are more robust than surveys and consultations that are open to anyone to complete. The panels provide each organisation with its own accurate and responsive tool with which to seek feedback from residents on topics of their choice. Additionally, both panels can be used to quickly recruit participants for focus group or in-depth interviews.

The panel allows the partnership to carry out targeted engagement with residents to help understand the needs of people in more depth which in turn supports organisations to recognise what health inequalities exist and look at ways of tackling these.

For more information about the panel visit Citizen engagement programme - Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership.



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