Surrey Care Record


The Surrey Care Record, led by clinicians themselves, puts all your health information - important details such as allergies, medications, diagnoses and treatments  - in one place. This helps your healthcare professionals provide the essential care – sometimes lifesaving – you need and vital information will not be missed. For example if you are admitted to hospital in an emergency, the A and E team can see your past treatment, any allergies or medications, and you won’t have to retell your medical condition.

We wanted to understand how we could raise awareness of the Surrey Care Record, explain how it works and offer reassurance that the Record is safe and secure, your data only seen by your healthcare professionals.

We connected with organisations and charities across Surrey, and used social media channels, as well as one to one and group interviews to capture the views of a wide range of residents, for example, elderly, BAME, learning difficulties, faith, youth, family and carers of people with long term health conditions.

We learnt:

  • Patients want healthcare professionals to have the information they need to provide the best care for them.
  • Current sharing of medical information is inefficient, which can lead to poor care if critical decisions are delayed because the information is not available to hand.
  • Residents were concerned about confidentiality and the accuracy of information held, and welcome assurances that the right people are reading the information.

This has greatly helped us to create a film and other materials that truly helps people to understand how the Surrey Care Record can improve their health. Check out the 'Surrey Care Record - What is it?' film below.



Model Publication Scheme Class: Class 6: How we make Decisions