Corporate Objectives

CCGs are required to set objectives that are capable of some degree of measurement using the approach set out in their risk management strategy and policy. Risks throughout the organisation can then be aligned to these objectives.

This forms part of the system of internal controls which are audited on an annual basis and which need to be accounted for by the CCGs in their annual governance statements using the template in the Department of Health and Social Care Manual of Accounts Guidance.


CCG Corporate Objectives 2020/21

Objective 1: In the context of the Integrated Care System Plan, continue to work towards achieving sustainable systems, particularly through developing the necessary changes in workforce, digital technology and infrastructure.


a) Support the system to recover from the impact of Covid-19 during the first half of 2020/21 and ensure, in line with national reviews, that lessons are learned for future sustainability and resilience.

b) Continue to develop the necessary system architecture, controls and innovation for achieving system wide financial balance and high quality of services whilst delivering financial recovery over the longer term.

c) Continue working with Integrated Care System partners to achieve models of sustainable and evidence based service transformation.

d) Support integration at all levels of the system to ensure appropriate care at the appropriate time and place, both in Surrey Heartlands and with neighbouring commissioners where patient flows cross boundaries.


Objective 2: Develop collaborative working and facilitate organisational change, at both place and scale.

a) Continue to support the development of effective forums for collaboration at all levels of the health and social care system - Surrey-wide, in the Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System, and at Integrated Care Partnership and Primary Care Network level

b) Develop the new Surrey Heartlands CCG to deliver its responsibilities as the lead statutory body.


Objective 3: Support the development of integrated care at both place and scale but particularly through providing ICPs with the support and delegation necessary for their effectiveness.


a) Support ICPs to develop and implement integrated services to improve the outcomes of the local population, using population health management approaches to achieve a balance between preventive and interventional care and support.

b) Actively engage in each ICP utilising agreed delegated powers and achieve mutual accountability for delivery of objectives and good governance within each ICP framework.

c) Support ICS level developments for workforce, estates, and digital transformation so that they can enable ICPs to be effective.


Objective 4: Support Primary Care Development in line with the NHS Long Term Plan and ensure it enables primary care teams to participate effectively in ICP level partnerships.


a) Support practices to be resilient and sustainable to deliver the significant ambitions of providing a wider range of services to patients and integrating more easily with the wider health and care system.

b) Continue to develop the systems for the delegated responsibilities for primary care commissioning from NHS England and ensure that these are consistent with wider system development.


Objective 5: Commission safe, effective care that provides the best possible health and care outcomes and patient experience.


a) Ensure the best possible health and care outcomes for the population of Surrey Heartlands.

b) Eliminate avoidable harm and reduce unwarranted variation in healthcare using evidence based practice.


Objective 6: Enable children and young people to access the right help and services at the right time, commissioning services that support these ambitions.

a) Work in collaboration with system partners on a range of evidence based approaches to transform current services for children.

b) Ensure high quality design and procurement of Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health services.


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