Monthly Spending Over £25k

On this page you can find details of all financial transaction spending over £25,000 made by NHS Surrey Heartlands CCG. This data is published on a monthly basis as part of the Government’s commitment to transparency in expenditure.

Please note, Surrey Heartlands CCG came into existence on 1st April 2020 following the merger of Guildford and Waverley, Surrey Downs, North West Surrey and East Surrey CCGs. If you require any information from the previous organisations please Contact Us.


Monthly spending over £25,000 for the Financial Year 2020-21


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November 2020

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December 2020

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January 2021

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February 2021

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March 2021

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Our Publications


In this section you will find the various publications and reports that Surrey Heartlands CCG produces.

Surrey Heartlands CCG became a new organisation on April 1 2020 after the merger of four previous clinical commissioning groups – Guildford and Waverley, East Surrey, North West Surrey and Surrey Downs.

Some publications may refer to these previous organisations but the information remains relevant.


Annual Reports,
Accounts and Audit


LeDeR (Learning Disability)
Mortality Review Annual Report



Performance Reports

(including Individual Funding
Request Activity Reports)




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Model Publication Scheme Class: Class 5: Priorities and How we are Doing

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Surrey Heartlands CCG is committed to:

  • Eliminating discrimination

  • Advancing equality of opportunity in respect of the services that we commission

  • Building a diverse and well-supported workforce


On this page



Equality is a legal principle to eliminate discrimination and promote equality of opportunity to people and groups. The Equality Act 2010 defines this protection based on protected characteristics. These are:

  1. Race
  2. Sex
  3. Gender
  4. Identity
  5. Age
  6. Sexual orientation
  7. Religion or belief
  8. Marriage and civil partnership
  9. Pregnancy and maternity

Diversity aims to recognise, respect and value people’s differences to enable them to contribute and realise their full potential by promoting an inclusive culture for all who work to take forward the vision of the CCG.

Our legal responsibilities

We have a duty to abide by the Equality Act 2010 which requires us to meet the Public Sector Equality Duty.

We’re fully committed to eliminating unlawful discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity. We do this in the way we commission healthcare services and by developing a diverse and well supported workforce, which reflects the population we serve. As a CCG, we are fully committed to:

  • Making sure that the health care services we commission are fully accessible and maximise health outcomes for all
  • Providing working environments that are free from discrimination and where there is equality of opportunity
  • Fostering good relations between people who share a protected characteristic and those who do not.


You can find out more about how we meet our legal responsibilities in our Annual Report.

Equality and Diversity Policy

Our commitments in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion are described in our Equality and Diversity Policy available via the Policies and Guidance page of this website (new one to be approved July 2020).

Quality and Equality Impact Assessments

We are committed to ensuring that commissioning decisions, business cases and any other significant plans and strategies are appropriately evaluated for their impact on both quality and equality. The CCG’s Quality and Equality Impact Assessment Policy (QEIA) (available via the Policies and Guidance page of this website) sets out the responsibilities, process and format to be followed by CCG staff undertaking a QEIA. The purpose of the assessment is to examine the extent to which existing or proposed services /policies/strategies may benefit different members of the community and, where appropriate, prompt the consideration of adjustments.

QEIAs enable us to consider how our proposals may impact upon our population, in particular people with different equality characteristics. QEIAs also prompt the consideration of how well our commissioning is helping to reduce health inequalities within our population. As the CCG embeds, we will publish QEIAs below.


To follow when available.

Equality Statement

We have summarised our commitment to all aspects described above in our Equality Statement, which is positioned at the front of all our policies.

Accessible Information Standard

The Accessible Information Standard (AIS) is a regulation which applies to all organisations providing NHS or adult social care. As a CCG, we abide by the same principles. The aim of the AIS is to make sure that people who have a disability, impairment or sensory loss get information they can access and understand, and any communication support that they need. Here are a few examples of how the CCG works to meet the AIS:

All of the CCG’s publications can be made available in alternative formats for example in large print, braille, easy read or via email. This includes letters as well as reports and strategies. Please contact us to find out more.

  • We have installed ReciteMe™ software on the CCG’s website. This allows for translation of text, enlarging text and creating audio files from online content.
  • We have a dedicated SMS text number for people who prefer or who can only communicate using SMS: 07917 087 560.
  • We always ask for people to let us know what their access needs are when we hold a public meeting. We will make adjustments where needed e.g. through booking interpreters.
  • All our public-facing documents are printed in Ariel, minimum 12 font.
  • We aim to write our public-facing documents in Plain English.


If there are any further adjustments that you think we should be making, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Equality Objectives

As a new organisation, the CCG will carry out a baseline assessment to inform the work it needs to do to meet the objectives of the Equality Delivery System 2 Framework:

  • Better health outcomes for all
  • Improved patient access and experience
  • A representative and supported workforce
  • Inclusive leadership at all levels


Targeted equality objectives for 2020/21 are:

  1. Carry out a baseline Equality Delivery System (EDS2) assessment and identify key priorities for each ICP.
  2. Deliver an EDI Conference in autumn 2020 for the joint Surrey Heartlands workforce.
  3. Continue to support the routine complete of QEIAs across all service change programmes.

Inclusion Strategy

As a new organisation, the CCG is developing its Inclusion Strategy in partnership with key stakeholders. It will be published here.


NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES)

In 2014 the NHS Equality and Diversity Council announced it had agreed action to ensure employees from Black, Asian, and minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds have equal access to career opportunities and receive fair treatment in the workplace.

To support this action the WRES was developed and in April 2015 it was mandated through the NHS standard contract.

The WRES comprises nine indicators that enable organisations to demonstrate their progress in achieving race equality in the workplace.

To support our work, Surrey Heartlands has a workforce race equality expert who is helping shape our strategic plans and deliver actions. The CCG is collecting WRES data for the 2020 submission, which will inform our WRES action plan thereafter. This action plan will be published here.


BAME Forum

The Surrey Heartlands Clinical Commissioning Group Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Forum (SH CCG BAME) was formed as a direct response to the feedback received from the Surrey Heartlands CCG listening events held for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff, following the brutal and untimely death of George Floyd and the disproportionate effect of Covid-19 on the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic population. The Forum provides a real opportunity to be a voice of positive change, start a dialogue to create a shared understanding about racism and its impact on all of us and implement measurable actions within Surrey Heartlands CCG to make a genuine transformational change.  

The ambitions of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Forum are as follows:

  • Working collaboratively to share ideas and develop new initiatives that can be implemented into actionable changes and maintain an anti-racism approach across the Integrated Care System (ICS) with support from the senior Executive Team.
  • Acting as a safe and supportive space for Black, Asian and minority ethnic colleagues to share challenges, experiences and learning.
  • Offering support to Black, Asian and minority ethnic colleagues, who have either experienced or is experiencing isolation or discriminatory conditions within their work areas.
  • Promoting a culture that creates a more progressive experience within Surrey Heartlands CCG for colleagues from Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups.
  • Active participation in influencing the organisation’s actions to address inequalities highlighted by the NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) report.
  • Ensuring colleagues from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds as a workforce are visible across Surrey Heartlands CCG.
  • To celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of individuals from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds both historical and present.

‘..If we don’t know our history, if we cannot trace the past into the present, we cannot explain current conditions in ways that are transformative rather than victim blaming.’ Dr. Robin DiAngelo, White Fragility, 2018


BAME Alliance

Surrey Heartlands CCG is an integral member of Surrey Heartlands Health and Care System. This is one of many emerging Integrated Care Systems. In recognition of racial discrimination and bias within the workplace and population a system-wide alliance has been established to play a critical role in tackling and challenging racial inequalities and to create a fair and inclusive workplace and community.

The BAME Alliance has senior accountable representation from each ICS organisation including the CCG.

The aims of the BAME Alliance are to:

  • Oversee the development of an overarching strategy for the ICS which is shared by partner organisations and addresses the health inequalities linked to race in our workplaces and communities
  • Improve the confidence of BAME staff and communities that race inequality is being addressed
  • Identify Workforce Race Equality Standards (WRES) challenges across Surrey Heartlands and opportunities to taken action which leads to improvements
  • Provide a collective voice to change racial bias and health inequalities linked to race in workforce and communities



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Review Due: 2021-02-02
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LeDeR Annual Report


The LeDeR Programme is the national programme which reviews the deaths of people with learning disabilities across the country. It was established in response to the recommendations made in the Confidential Inquiry into the Premature Deaths of People with Learning Disabilities (2013) with the aim of supporting local areas to review the deaths of people with learning disabilities, identify learning and areas of both good practice and where service improvement is required. There is a national and regional governance framework which the Surrey System feeds into.

The Surrey LeDeR Mortality Review Annual Report covers the period between January and December 2019 and this reflects the period reported by the national team in the National Annual LeDeR Report. It gives an overview of the LeDeR programme and how this has been implemented across Surrey Heartlands, Surrey Heath and North East Hampshire and Farnham CCG areas. It provides an overview of the number of deaths that have been reported to LeDeR for these areas throughout 2019 and summaries the learning that has come from the completed reviews.

You can view the LeDeR Annual Report here:  pdf LeDeR Annual Report 2019 (551 KB)


At the time of the report, there was a backlog of notifications waiting to be reviewed with only 26 reviews completed. However, since September, 2019, there has been a full time Co-ordinator in post and this has improved the local process and timeliness of reviews. The national expectation is that all CCGs will, by the 31st December 2020, have completed all of the reviews notified to them before the 30th June 2020 and will continue to manage the flow of referrals following that and Surrey Heartlands expects to fully meet this commitment.

Within this report, there was a lot of evidence of reasonable adjustments being made for individuals to support their care and good practice that also helped improve their experience of care. These included areas such as: Communication of need, specialist equipment provided, good multi-professional liaison, End of Life Care and responsive medical care.

Recommendations from reviewers for improvement in practice included Communication, the provision of Annual Health Checks, Application of the Mental Capacity Act and DoLs, Discharge from hospital and Do Not Attempt Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation decision making. These recommendations are detailed in Section 9 of the report.

The overall recommendations that are made within the report are:

  • Raise awareness and improve compliance with the Mental Capacity Act.
  • Improve compliance with annual health checks and ensure the benefits of these are understood by our local Primary Care Networks and Care Providers.
  • Work with partner organisations to address access to screening and ensuring the principles of the Mental Capacity Act are applied in decision making.
  • Focus on improved communication between services to provide information in relation to reasonable adjustments required in advance of appointments / attendance. 
  • Identify gaps in service provision and make recommendations to commissioners to address any gaps in services.  


These recommendations will be taken forward by the Surrey LeDeR Steering Group and progress reported within future reports.

More information on the LeDeR programme can be found at




Review Date: 2020-11-03
Review Due: 2021-11-03
Model Publication Scheme Class: Class 5: Priorities and How we are Doing

Governing Body Members


Governing Body - voting members


Charlotte Caniff  

Dr Charlotte Caniff
Clinical Chair


Claire Fuller

  Dr Claire Fuller
CCG Interim
Accountable Officer
ICS Senior Responsible Officer
  Karen McDowell   Karen McDowell
CCG Chief Finance Officer
ICS Director of Finance

  Dr Joe McGilligan
East Surrey GP 

  Dr Shelina Jaffer
East Surrey GP
  Sian Jones   Dr Sian Jones
Guildford & Waverley
GP Representative

Darren Watts

  Dr Darren Watts
Guildford & Waverley
GP Representative
  Deborah Shiel  

Dr Deborah Shiel
North West Surrey
GP Representative

  Rebecca Rogers   Dr Rebecca Rogers
North West Surrey
GP Representative

Russell Hills

  Dr Russell Hills
Surrey Downs GP
  Andrew Sharpe   Dr Andy Sharpe
Surrey Downs GP
    Dr Timothy Bates
GP Member for
Surrey-wide Services

Jacqui Burke

  Jacqui Burke
Lay Member - Audit
  Yvette Robbins   Yvette Robbins
Lay Member - PPE
  Adrian Brown   Adrian Brown
Lay Member

Mark Byrne

  Mark Byrne
Lay Member
  Jonathan Perkins   Jonathan Perkins
Lay Member
  Julia Dutchman-Bailey   Julia Dutchman-Bailey

Caris Grimes

  Dr Caris Grimes
Secondary Care Doctor


Governing Body - attendees

Sumona Chatterjee   Sumona Chatterjee
East Surrey ICP Director

Vicky Stobbart

  Vicky Stobbart
Guildford & Waverley
ICP Director

  Ruth Hutchinson   Ruth Hutchinson
Surrey County Council Representative

  Jack Wagstaff
North West Surrey
ICP Director
  Colin Thompson   Colin Thompson
Surrey Downs
ICP Director
  Clare Stone   Clare Stone
ICS Director of Quality
CCG Chief Nurse

Elaine Newton

  Elaine Newton
ICS Director of Governance
& Corporate Affairs
  Trudy Mills   Trudy Mills
ICS Director of Children's &
Learning Disabilities Services 
  Helen Rostill   Helen Rostill
ICS Director of
Mental Health Services

Details of future meeting dates and agendas/ papers are on the Governing Body Meetings and Papers page of this website.

Latest Register of Governing Body’s members’/ attendees’ interests available via the latest set of Governing Body meeting papers.





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